When Good Toys Go Bad
Art Review:
“When Good Toys Go Bad” Anna Broome
  Good Toys

Qathryn Brehm’s latest photographs offer a humorous and hard eye discussion of social convention,
sexual identity and intellectual evolution.
The images juxtapose esoteric with accessible ideas and settings to welcome the audience to the piece
while still allowing them to ask and answer their own questions.
Utilizing props against photography in eye candy motifs heralding mob mentality, sexual cacophony and absolute love, Brehm pulls images from an infinite catalog collected over the years. In “The Other Kind” the innocence of child love is contrasted with the complexity of adult love, i.e. sex, societies view of sexuality and the big screen’s depiction of same sex love.

Brehm states, “I am articulating images from a verbal place and see the words and extend them,
through the entire story, through image.”

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