How to paint a faux brick wall

-Background color- flat wall paint
-Choose a brick color -arcylic
wall paint
-Sponge-a sponge used for
floor wax is the perfect size.
-Small touch-up paint brushes
- Blue painters masking tape


Prepare and prep wall for paint
Apply background color.
This color will serve
as the 'grout' for the bricks.
Be sure to save some back-
ground paint because you
will need it later for touch-up.


Use a paint tray for brick color
and coat one side of sponge.
Lightly press sponge to wall to
create 'brick' pattern.
Create one to three straight
lines with a light pencil to start
laying your sponged 'bricks'.

Continue with the'bricks'
until the wall is covered.
Check often to make sure
you are placing your bricks
in a straight line
faux bricks
  faux bricks
Bricks are always
layered as such.
Enjoy your new wall.
Before: real bricks with a
side blank wall

After: painted faux bricks
to match existing real bricks.

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